SwimPonch  keeps you warm and dry


Winter bathing

Winter bathers enjoys the nature and experience of the cold water.

A Swimponch gives you warm and pretection for the wind when you get up of the water and it gives you the opportunity for discreet dressing in public areas.


Dressing before and after bathing/swimming is discreet and easy with a SwimPonch

Swimmers - Triathles - openwater swimmers - surfers

After being active in the water is it perfect to come up on land and getting warm in a SwimPonch.

Do you need to get your wet swimwear of is it easy and discreet in public places.

Swimponch Child is for kids 3 - 6 years old

Swimponch Child is perfect for kids 3 - 6 years old who freeze when they come up from the water and need some ekstra warm on the way home or when they are playing on the beach.

Swimponch Child have buttons in the side to open og close the swimponch.

All our adult models is with a water repellent zipper pocket for keys ot telephone

SwimPonch Junior is for children 6 - 12 years old

Many children in the age 6 - 12 years is not comfotable with changing in public places and if there is no toilet nearby it can become difficult to change with a towel to cover with.

Swimponch Junior is made in a smart surf design with pocket and a hood and it gives all children the opportunity to make discreet dreesing on the beach and other public places.

A Swimponch keeps you warm and dry and makes changing discreet in public areas i

We can deliver your swimponch all over Europe



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