History of swimponch


History of swimponch


Swimponch is owned and managed by Tine og Jack who lives in the city Elsinore in Denmark.

Vw have both been triatletes og openwater swimmers for years and the last 3 years we have challenged our selv`s with winterbathing in the ocean.

The idea of swimponch started because one of Tine`s frinds had taken to towels and seved them together as a poncho wich was warm and dry. We have made the design and brand by our selv`s and the produktion is in China.

We have a lot of pleasure from our swimponch and we hope that a lot of triatles, swimmers, openwater swimmers and children will have the same with their swimponch.

Production in China

Team Swimponch

Jack Botoft Nielsen

Tine Nielsen

Happy costumers

As active swimmers, triatletes and winterbathers we have had a lot of pleasure with our swimponch and we hope that we can make a lot of people happy with our idea of a swimponch.

Jack og Tine

We can deliver your swimponch all over Europe



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