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Keeps you warm and dry

Swimponch is perfect for kids of all ages.

Swimponch Adult

Swimponch Child (3-6)

Swimponch Junior (6-12)

About Swimponch

Swimponch keeps you warm and dry when you get out of the water.

A Swimponch is perfect for kids of all ages. It's great for keeping you warm and makes changing, in and out of swimwear, easier and more discret.

Swimponch is great for winterbathers

All our adult models comes with a water repellent pocket for your phone, keys and other valuables.

After being active in the water is it perfect to come up on land and getting warm in a SwimPonch.

Do you need to get your wet swimwear of is it easy and discreet in public places.

Swimponch makes changing easy and discreet.

Winter bathers enjoys the nature and experience of the cold water.

A Swimponch gives you warm and pretection for the wind when you get up of the water and it gives you the opportunity for discreet dressing in public areas.

Swimponch adult all has a water repellent pocket that is convenient for storing your phone or other valuables.

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